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My name is Carla Dibbs and I am a Photographer and Graphic Designer. I was born in Australia but have Chilean blood in the mix which has given me a love for culture, travel & exploration. If you were to wonder where I am most of the time, you could be sure to find me at a cafe (either photographing food, drinking coffee or digging into a tasty feed) or swimming, sitting by, or admiring the sea. I have a love for old things — think anything you would find at grandmas house, cameras, knitted jumpers, vintage clocks, aged books.

It is quite incredible that creativity can be used as a tool to communicate, whether it be to show the beauty of something or someone, to change society by opening our eyes to an issue or to share a significant story. I am aiming to do this. 

Details have always been important for me as well. To be able to look beyond the big picture and see something magical in the small is something I want to continue to train myself to do. Whether it be how an eye changes when they look at someone they love, the creases that come with a smile or the intricate patterns you can find in nature, I want to be able to include this in my work.

Featured as one of the best Sydney photographers

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